Luckily for the Syrian people they had a real president Bashar Hafez al-Assad who stuck with them while Australia, Israel, USA, NATO countries and Saudi Arabia tried to destroy Syria using their mercenaries, ISIS link
Bashar Hafez al-Assad invited the Russians to give him a hand against the overwhelming forces destroying the civil infrastructure of his country and stealing his oil to sell to the Turks!
Ever been totally confused what to eat from the thousands of products on the supermarket shelves, there are probably only a few hundred that are fit to eat? watch videos above. Rachel Parent: link
Bitcoin explained: bitcoin ... US Federal Reserve: TheFed
(bob[@] [@]evzulu)
Queensland Ambulance Service . . . Fire and Emergency Services . . . Marine Rescue Queensland
Bowen Airport Observations . . . Photos of Bowen . . . StreamingMusic
KhanAcademy . . . Salman on TED (click play button in link) . . . Salman's talk at NASA
Astrid & Jude ride Melbourne to London via Bowen, China & more: foonsonbikes

*** CoxlessCrew, 4 ladies rowed into CAIRNS from San Francisco via Santa Barbara, Hawaii and Samoa after months of mandated by men insane body destroying 2 hour watches!!! (1 hour sleep every 4 hours)
"The skin on my hands is shredding off and causing salt sores where there's cuts".
The ladies immune systems will be completely shot!
"still have my blistered lip (hasn't healed for 3 months!)" herpes break out? skin cancer?
"I have issues with a couple of ribs, my left hip and left side of my lower back but anti inflammatories, stretching and directing some treatment from the other girls, is helping. My hands are also in bits!"
make sure your daughters have a complete medical checkup ASAP including liver function test!!!
Coxless Crew's Story in BuryFreePress link
ABC TV Far North News link

Ladies landed at a beautiful location for Sarah Moshman's film! 6:45am MONDAY 25 JANUARY Cairns(Qld) time!!! (Tuesday 26 Jan is Australia Day holiday) Their voyage is being filmed by Sarah Moshman Check out their whole voyage and their speeds as they get towed into Cairns (They've already landed on the Australian continent so their row has been completed and they can accept a tow to Marlin Marina) on track map use mouse wheel to zoom in & out etc.

After gulping down a whole packet of Oreos each the ladies are now powered up at 8.3kn to Marlin Marina!!! (UTC time not local)

Russian Orthodox Priest and adventurer Fedor Konyukhov shows how to row the Pacific ocean non stop no support 9400nm in 162 days average 2.41 knots for voyage!!!

Click Catalina above for a film of it's story in WW2. (Note: None 0f the 66 Catalinas in Pearl Harbor with a range of 3000 miles and flight duration of 15 hours were in the air at the time of the Japanese attack!!! They were all destroyed or badly damaged in the attack so Consolidated Aircraft got an order for 66 replacements. Cats were instrumental in the defeat of the Japanese fleet at the Battle for Midway Island, and later they bombed Japanese convoys trying to resupply their base in the Solomon Islands. An RAF PBY spotted the Bismarck through the clouds. The "surprise attack" on Pearl Harbor was a lie, Roosevelt knew the hour the attack was going to happen!!! With even 33 PBYs in the air the Japanese fleet would have been spotted and dealt with!)
Watch a film my dad directed when he was in the RAAF in WW2 "Island Target"

web polls

Bowen at the edge of the Coral Sea and Great Barrier reef in the Queensland dry tropics of Australia is a perfect place for sailing and water activities with it's kilometers of beautiful beaches. It is in the center of the tradewind core so steady south easterly winds blow most of the year and even in the Summer there are cool sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean. Bowen is within 140 km of the giant Burdekin dam so a plentiful supply of fresh water will never be a problem no matter how many tourists discover Bowen's pristine shores and spacious hinterland, or how many high tech industries decide to locate themselves in Bowen's new industrial park, or how many farmers may want to grow small crops under Bowen's abundant sunshine. An international airport and marina complex in Bowen, which can be easily constructed because fill material and machinery is easily accessible from the local open cut coal mines in the Bowen Basin to the south west of the town, would soon be working to capacity as industry and tourists world wide found they could do business and holiday in the open tropical paradise of Bowen and the Whitsunday islands and great barrier reef.
Fish importers worldwide would be clamouring for our locally grown top quality tiger prawns if they could be exported direct from Bowen.
- away from the congestion and haphazard growth of existing cities ...

A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries; a world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you -The Matrix-

Indian Energy Minister confirms India does not need Australian coal! LINK
"Carbon capture and storage (clean coal)" is a flawed concept!
For every 1.2 billion tons of Carbon stored back underground our atmosphere loses 3.2 billion tons of Oxygen!!
Stowe Global Coal Index (COAL) crashes, "Alpha voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Aug. 3, seeking a $692 million bankruptcy loan" link

Truth exposed - Nuclear shipment arrives in Australia

Watch exclusive footage of The Frackman - Dayne Pratzky as he joins forces with Greenpeace to uncover the truth behind the dodgy nuclear waste shipment that arrived in Australia over the weekend. Take action >>

Posted by Greenpeace Australia Pacific on Saturday, 5 December 2015
Shipping our spent nuclear fuel from Lucas Heights 12,000 nm to France to be processed and then shipping it back another 12,000 nm to Australia is just the tip of the iceberg.
"France derives about 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy, due to a long-standing policy based on energy security. This share is to be reduced to 50% by 2025. France is the world's largest net exporter of electricity due to its very low cost of generation, and gains over EU3 billion per year from this. link"
The French have not yet figured out what to do with their nuclear waste, they have over half a million tons of it dotted around France in open storage areas.
The cost of waste disposal is not included in the price France is charging other countries for it's nuclear power. France is selling their nuclear power under cost as a public relations exercise for the World nuclear power industry, French tax payers & perhaps Australians will pick up the tab!!!
The French nuclear industry want to bury their hot processed nuclear waste underground, but none of the citizens of France will accept a burial site in their Department!!!
That's where Australia comes in, we are to become the nuclear burial ground for French processed hot nuclear waste.
Australia is "A land without nuclear waste, for nuclear waste without a land"?
Unfortunately Australia will be offered a lot of cash for accepting this waste from France! That will make the cost of electricity generation from nuclear power stations in France more realistic! Nuclear power is very expensive if you factor in the mining of Uranium ore, enriching it, all the safety procedures required for handling radioactive materials, the huge cost of building containment vessels for controlled fission just to boil water. The multiple redundent cooling systems, which failed due to flooding by the Tsunami at Fukushima, etc,etc,etc (Huge insurance premiums) Having to store highly radioactive fission products for thousands of years. The safety aspect of transporting these products means it is very expensive to move them off the power station site.
Opportunities for multiple corporations to cash in on the process!!!
Don't make the mistake of thinking nuclear power is something state of the art that produces a flow of electrons down power lines directly from a controlled nuclear reaction.
A nuclear power station is identical to a thermal solar, coal, oil, or gas fired power station, but instead of using easily controlled molten salt or fossil fuels to boil the water to drive the steam turbines that spin the generators that produce the electicity a nuclear fission reaction is used to generate the heat to boil the water. Controlling fission in a nuclear reactor is like walking a tightrope, once control is lost it can't be recovered and tons of radioactive isotopes are released into the environment, the equivalent of several atomic weapons without the explosions.
Also once the nuclear fuel is expended it contains highly radioactive fission products with very long half lives that are thousands of times more dangerous than the original mined Uranium ore that was enriched to fuel the power stations, or highly enriched for bombs!
Why would we use such a really STUPID means of generating electricity? Because the military can use the same process to make atomic weapons to destroy the Earth we inhabit???
There is no way Australia needs anyone elses nuclear waste, we have an unlimited supply of near zero marginal cost Solar and wind power, let the French bury their shit in their own back yard!
The French have spent the so called "profits" they have been making from selling electricity to other European countries, so they now have no money to deal with the massive piles of nuclear waste from their nuclear power stations: "Whosoever diggeth a pit, shall fall in it"
Personally I do not consume any agricultural products from a country like France that has such a high density of nuclear power stations in the countryside!
Hormesis (Getting a dose of radiation benefits your immune system, cures cancer etc.) is a lie spread by the nuclear lobby (weapons corporations)

Australia has a new Chief Scientist who loves Solar Power & Battery Storage? Sort of: link
Congratulations Malcolm Turnbull, you got the message that there's money to be made from those free Solar photons flooding the Earth with energy!! Didn't you??
We need to avail ourselves of Tesla Energy's open source patents to build solar panel, battery & car megafactories in Australia, use some of the current coal profits, while they last, to build them ...

Is Australia following the USA to Third World status? Click container ship for story:

Sibel Edmonds FBI whistle blower explains how the USA created the ISIS brand to further their interests in the Middle East and scare the American people:
Attacks in Paris were not a retaliation by Islamic State terrorists!!!
French Government supports Islamic State and arms them!!!
French aircraft do not bomb Islamic State they bomb the infrastructure of Syria and Iraq to bring down those regimes!!!
President Hollande of France said "Bashar al-Assad's regime will not hold on" link
It seems that the French Government may be responsible for killing their own citizens to provide an excuse to pretend to "rescue" Syria from NATO's ISIS terrorists who the USA has been training, arming and sending into Syria to foment regime change from their base in Hatay Province in Southern Turkey bordering Syria since March 2011.
The Paris attacks will also boost Hollande's popularity and allow him to introduce draconian laws to curb French freedoms?
The USA had no trouble destroying every fleeing Iraqi on the "Highway of Death" in the Gulf War so if they had wanted to eliminate the Islamic State brigades, they could have "carpet bombed" their convoys of Toyota pickup trucks when they crossed the desert from Syria into Iraq in June 2014 link
Remember Charlie Hebdo: link
Bad guys and their security details? Cast for my new film? "The same Fathers of WW3 as WW2"?
Most switched on people now realize it wasn't Islamic jihadists who perpetrated 9/11:
pdf file containing expert rebuttal of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report: link
Let's stop supporting the USA in it's murderous adventures overseas:
'at least 30 staff & patients were killed in "relentless & brutal aerial attack" from US gunship': LINK
"Our colleagues didn't die peacefully like in the movies. They died painfully, slowly, some of them screaming out for help that never came, many alone and terrified knowing the extent of their own injuries and aware of their impending death."
"Trapped, fully conscious patients were engulfed in flames and burned to death in their beds."
"Those that didn't die sustained major injuries which will render them severely disabled for the rest of their lives."
Bibi's Big Adventure: link
Jews lied to UN about their intentions for a Jewish state in Palestine: link
Churchill betrayed Iraqis and subjugated them with air power: link
Birth of Zionism: link
Proudly ignored by the Australian Government who represent the people of Australia? LINK
Vietnam war was based on a US Government LIE

"the American Jewish community has exported the scum of this community to Israel" Dedi Zucker MK
Real Palestinians, bombed into the stone age by gross insane Jewish scum who have no legal or moral right to inhabit Palestine:
Nora Barrows-Friedman's blog

Since the Jews living in the "Jewish" state in Palestine called "Israel" have failed to uphold all the promises they made to the United Nations about how they would conduct the affairs of that state all 6.1 million Jews living in Palestine should be removed from Palestine and relocated to other countries forthwith!!! All the infrastructure of the state should pass to the Palestinians for their years of suffering and displacement at the hands of the Jews!!! (click text image above to hear Jewish speech to UN)

"Christian Friends of Israel", you are accessories to genocide, wake up, don't accept gifts from liars, swindlers and murderers!!!
Will the Russian Bear save us from the excesses of the American/Jewish scum and their groupie Goys?
Mihail Pravda SoundCloud
John Yudkin "Pure White & Deadly" link ... Ignore Marion Nestle in Globesity: Fat's New Frontier, she still thought "a calorie is a calorie", which is now known to be wrong!!!
Mexico enacts soda tax in effort to combat world's highest obesity rate ... LINK
Mexico: Sugary-Drinks Tax Is Left Intact ... LINK

"EARTH SAVING" news: Fossil fuels out!!! Real time Solar fusion and electrons in!!!
1 - Photons bring power from Solar fusion power station to Earth in about 8.3 minutes.
2 - Solar panels convert photon energy arriving from the surface of the Sun to electrons.
3 - Electrons travel at the speed of light down power lines to where they are needed to run or charge electrical devices.
4 - Surplus electrons are used to charge storage batteries at "power station" for use later.
A mind blowingly simple solution to Man's energy needs!!!

Solution to World Power by Elon Musk:

Earth's Winds/Waves/Currents click "earth" bottom left for menu. >> forward 1 day. > forward 3 hours. Click map for wind speed & direction. Click units to change.
If you are not on "Now" you can change date in URL to go back in time & play a previous weather event like: TC Ita on 2014-04-11 10:00 Local ... pretty impressive! Thanks to genius of Cameron Beccario.
Free online Education at the Khan Academy . . . Pay to learn a language using RosettaStone for iOS, Android, PC (free demo lesson)

Emma, Laura, Lizanne and Natalia step ashore in Samoa after rowing for more than 3 months from Waikiki, Oahu: ( photo: Sarah Moshman :)

Thanks to Samoan Voyaging for going out to welcome the rowers and lead them safely into the harbor.
Coxless Crew row out of Apia Harbor, Samoa, bound for Cairns, Australia:

Hikianalia and Hokule'a in Pago Pago Eastern Samoa compared to a photo of a boat I built, click photo.
Peoples of the Earth,
reclaim your cultures, breath life into their glowing embers, variety is the spice of Man's existence:

Whatever your culture was it has to be better than the monstrous "Christian" (based on lying and cheating Judaism link) culture that forcibly replaced it!!!
Natalia dancing with Le Taupou Manaia. click image.

Superboats & crews arrive in Bowen July 2015 above

Superboats land in Bowen, Queensland 2014 below

Taimane - Jupiter ( Acoustic Live!)
Horseshoe Bay cafe on the beach in Bowen Queensland Australia is open every day except Monday from 9am to 5pm (Friday/Saturday 6pm till late, please book your table) ... click pic for resort page:
Let's get down there to encourage the guys so we've all got a place to hang out with our mates at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay ... (Corporate nanny "Big Brother" is set on taking one of our last freedoms!)


There is a railway coming from the open cut mines to the South West of the proposed new Bowen Airport site that goes to the Xstrata Coke Works. Crushed rock from a quarry on a siding beside the rail line or overburden from the open cut mines could be brought to the site in coal trains that already service the Abbot Point bulk coal port ...

The runway extends from the NW to the SE facing directly into the prevailing South Easterly trade winds. As you can see from the flight path image the planes land over a sparsely populated corridor, and takeoff over Edgcumbe Bay. The town of Bowen is far enough to the side of the runway that noise should not be a problem:

If a 70km section of motorway was constructed between Bowen Airport and Airlie Beach it should be possible to make the journey in 35 minutes ...


1 - International and national tourists bound for Airlie Beach and Bowen.
2 - There are more than 2 flights a day from Emerald to Brisbane mostly carrying mine workers.
some of these mine workers would no doubt relocate to Bowen if it had an international airport.
3 - A new Industrial park is proposed North West of and adjacent to Bowen. An international airport right on it's doorstep
would kick start this development.
4 - Export of farm produce, export of live aquaculture products.
5 - Inward freight to service the needs of local farms and industry.
Bowen has kilometers of sandy beaches that can be used all year round for watersports and are the safest in North Queensland for swimming.
Bowen has one of the best climates in the world, with an International airport capital would flow in to the town which would become a major world tourist destination.

Slats or vortex generators: LINK